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Small business owner 9 years


Communications Engineer


Pool Service & Repairs


Benefit of a Small Business

Same pool technician.  Less turnover.  More direct point of contact for service, repairs, etc.

Neglected Filter

Common Issues We Encounter When Taking Over Service:

  • Poor Chemistry- Knowledge of how to properly use:
    • Muratic Acid, Sodium Bicarbonate, Soda Ash, Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Hypochlorite (shock), Sodium Bromide (algeacide) and Liquid Chlorine
  • Clogged Impellar inside motor- Effects flow
  • Filters not working properly
    • Haven't been cleaning, not backwashing, bad filter element, broken grids on DE filter, clogged lines, etc. 
  • Non working equipment 
    • Many service techs do not understand equipment and how to troubleshoot or do repairs.    

Treating Green Pools

  • PH Reading, Chlorine Levels, Calcium, Total Alkalinity, Water Flow, Properly Functioning Filter, Pump Pressure, etc.

We Prefer PureChlor Salt Systems for New Installs.  

  • 5 Year Warranty 
  • Reliable
  • User Friendly Interface 
  • Powerful Chlorine Output




Benefits of Salt Systems:

  • System produces a much better quality of chlorine  
  • Regulates and controls a maintained chlorine level without highs and lows
  • Does not cause red eyes, itchy skin, chlorine smell, irritated lungs
  • Skin feels softer, good for psoriasis

What our customers say about us

Here's what people are saying about BLUE WAVE POOL & SPA.

"Our pool has never looked this good!"

Alice Boullosa- Residential Pool

"Much better than our prevoius pool service.  Residents have complimented the pool since you have taken over.  I am very happy with decision to go with Blue Wave."

Dale Figger Business Manager Ibis Walk Apartments

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